Discover how AFC Software can help you in the pursuit of a more data-driven environment

Imagine using near-real-time data for your strategic decision making as a CEO. Provided solely by thoroughly tested technology, person-dependency is eliminated and with it the associated risks.

With the AFC platform, reporting, consolidation, budgeting, and advanced analytics are straight forward. The use of Digital Finance and its automation have never been easier. As a result, your company’s overall strategic decision-making process is significantly strengthened.

You, the CFO, can reduce the time spent focusing on processes and nebulous data, and reallocate it to doing what you are best at, managing the business and its financial strategy. The near-real-time data enables you to keep your finger on the pulse and act accordingly to avoid undesirable surprises and strategically use data. The AFC platform provides you with a complete overview of your company across all business units, enabling you to base your strategic decisions on data and facts derived from the company as a whole instead of separate reports from each of business unit.

The AFC platform is a flexible and scalable solution, which can be adapted to every level of demand from very large and complex companies with more than 100 subsidiaries to smaller companies with just one subsidiary.

Best of all, the AFC platform is 100% Microsoft cloud based, so you can report in any front-end tool of your preference.

Are you ready to transform the way you think business finance? Then click below and discover how AFC Software can be a valuable business partner for your company.

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