AFC Workflow

Manage and control your monthly and annual closing processes. With AFC Workflow, you quickly achieve an overview, while controlling of the processes, of who does what every time you close your financial reports.

Control the workflow with a smart task application

Control your company and its subsidiaries workflow quickly and easily during monthly or yearly closings with AFC Workflow. AFC Workflow is a smart task application built upon the Microsoft Power Platform. This intuitive app is fully integrated into the AFC platform and is automatically linked to the company’s corporate hierarchy.

Direct integration of Power BI reports

The app completes pre-defined tasks related to the monthly closings. These tasks make it easy for all responsible managers to quickly control the process. Through integrated Power BI reports, managers can quickly track the completion level of different tasks. Furthermore, admins have the possibility to define and create new tasks based on the normal closing processes and structure these according to an overarching task.

Connected to Microsoft’s security settings

The app is connected to Microsoft’s security settings meaning it benefits from effective security management including Active Directory Security Groups as well as regular Microsoft Login.


Quick set-up

The app is easy and intuitive to set up. With basic knowledge of Power Apps and Power BI, the application can be up and running in less than an hour.


Historical overview of processes

As a CFO or financial director, it can be frustrating when the same tasks delay the closing process every month. AFC Workflow enables financial directors to single out which processes are behind schedule through statistical analysis. They can then easily act upon this data to implement additional resources in the correct areas.




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