AFC Planning

Automate your budgeting process and simplify the tasks of budgeting and planning.

Automate time-consuming, manual budgeting processes

Do you ever struggle with your budgeting process? With the time-consuming nature of the process, caused by the numerous iterations made in order to avoid mistakes and insufficiencies?

With AFC Planning, budgeting and planning has never been easier. A platform that automates your budgeting processes and provides the opportunity to work within well-known tools such as Excel, combined with data insight thanks to a live connection to your data environment through the AFC platform. This significantly increases the amount of time and resources available for more in-depth analysis

Automated processes

Automation of the budgeting processes results in less dependency on individuals due to a reduction in the number of manual processes, hence increasing available resources in the financial department to allow employees more time for valuable analyses and cooperation with the rest of the organisation. Automating the processes leaves your company less vulnerable in the event of absences due to sickness or departures. Another key benefit is the reduction of the risk of errors associated with manual entries.



Built on well-known tools

Like all AFC Software products, AFC Planning is based in known Microsoft tools where it functions as an add-in for Excel. Additionally, it is possible to utilise existing BI tools, such as XLCubed or Power BI, for visualisation of the budget. The platform also supports decentralised budget models and combines these to produce a consolidated concern perspective.

AFC Planning is the ideal solution if your company needs to:

  • Automate time-consuming, manual budgeting processes
  • Improve reactivity by constantly updating data
  • Reallocate resources for more in-depth and valuable analysis
  • Reduce dependency on people and eliminate human error

Process simplification

The budget cycle is typically characterised by numerous iterations when the subsidiaries’ perspectives are combined with the group perspective. Oftentimes, the budget administrator goes back and forth between the subsidiaries to collect, analyse, and consolidate the numbers manually before the overall budget of the group can be prepared.

AFC Planning increase the efficiency of the budget cycle by automating parts of the process and collecting data based on predetermined budget templates. The process is simple and consistent and all employees have the same basis for decision-making.

The financial management systems automatically load the actuals meaning the budget is constantly updated and expands upon the historical data. This makes it possible to base the ongoing forecast on realised figures.


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