AFC Data & Analytics

With AFC Data & Analytics, data is structured, automated, and streamlined, users become self-serviced and data become consistent creating one truth across the organization.

Many CFO’s dream of having a perfect data environment with transparent reporting, self-serviced users, and updates in near real-time visualized with direct integration to Power BI. However, the dream is often put aside when complex matters such as structure in data, data updates, data maintenance etc. arise. This results in many financial managers settling for unsatisfying data quality and Excel reports based individual assessments and interpretations.

Few CFO’s are aware that the answers to the above-mentioned worries are often simple: Automate your dataflow, minimize the person dependency, and establish one common datamodel across the entire organization where business-specific logics and rules are centralized and automated. By doing so, data become transparent, and the company’s reports are streamlined containing only one truth.

With AFC Data & Analytics, you get:

  • Automatic near real-time dataflow – updated each minute.
  • Opportunity of multiple data sources in one analytical model.
  • Centralisation of the company’s business-specific logics.
  • Automatic maintenance of dimensions and hierarchies.
  • One common truth in all reports across the organisation.
  • Great scalability regarding addition of new data sources and business areas.


Are you dreaming of a self-running business finance solution providing you and your organisation with a clear and transparent overview of your activities, business areas, and operational data? Then one thing is for sure: AFC Data & Analytics will be your organisation’s most valued asset in no time!

With AFC Data & Analytics, your company is equipped with one of the most well-tested business finance platforms used in some of the Nordic regions’ largest companies. Data is structured and automated in the underlying, cloud-based data model providing you with a future-proof platform following your company’s development.

The platform is able to automatically integrate with all your different data sources in near real-time giving you the assurance that your data is constantly updated.

The purpose of gathering the data in one analytical model is to provide alle users to analyse across different data areas such as sales, production, procurement, logistics, HR, finance, etc. All this can drawn in one or multiple access-based reports supplied through AFC Data & Analytics.



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