AFC Consolidator

Automate your financial consolidation and improve the basis for decision making and reduce dependency on individuals in the financial reporting process.

In today’s business environment, CFO’s and Financial Directors are often under pressure to provide accurate, relevant and up to date data as soon as possible. This can put a lot of strain on the company’s system capabilities and technological infrastructure.

AFC Consolidator provides your company with a modern and futureproof consolidation platform that meets the high demands of everyday business. Financial processes are automated, tasks are less dependent on people and consolidation rules such as InterCompany elimination and currency conversion are managed as part of the automated process. This enables companies to create the foundation for significantly reduced reaction times on business-critical decision.

AFC Consolidator is the ideal solution to help your company:

  • Automate complicated and manual consolidation processes
  • Create an overview of complex ownership structures
  • Free resources fro reallocation to more in depth and valuable analysis
  • Manage both internal and external data in one process
  • Achieve user security in a modern environment
  • Reduce dependency on people and eliminate human error

The key benefits of using AFC Consolidator are reduced person dependency for daily manual processes in Microsoft tools, enhanced solution versatility, and elimination of manual errors through the automation of the data retrieval processes.

Our platform will help you to:

  • Automate financial and economic processes
  • Create value through collaboration and understanding of your finance and business processes
  • Create transparency through a controlled and compliant structure
  • Stay focused on the business and financial developments in your company

AFC Consolidator is an efficient and well-tested business solution, which we have implemented in several of the largest companies in Denmark. It is also scalable, so it can be adapted and tailored to your specific needs no matter the size of the company. The platform is built upon Microsoft which means the platform can be integrated with all common ERP systems and front-end BI tools.

Besides being one of Denmark’s best and most stable consolidation platforms, the Solitwork team focuses on sharing knowledge and previous experience with our clients. When you buy our products, you will also get the support of our consultants to ensure you get the optimal business solution tailored to your needs.



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