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AFC Software improves the decision-making baseline with a state of the art business solution supporting the many CFO’s striving for a more data-driven environment. Join the digital transformation and change the way you consolidate, budget and report.

The Platform

Who Are We?

AFC Software is the culmination of over 18 years of experience within digital finance. We aim to make the finance department take on the role of an active business partner, and develop their employees with new skills and talents within digital finance and advanced analytics. The changeable landscapes of all industries call for adaptability to stay on top of the crucial business data that all company hold, but very few exploit.

Imagine having your data and reports updated within a minute with the possibility to explore your data in-depth to the lowest level of granularity. Minimising the uncertainty associated with poor data and reports based on old data, decisions based on real-time reports exploiting all available data will be key to tomorrow’s business challenges.


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Why Choose Us?

We create transparency of all your company's critical data

We automate processes, improving the clarity and understanding of your data

We are more than just software. We deliver a business solution

We operate in all industries and businesses

We ensure the highest level of security to protect your data


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